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Oral Chelation Therapy 

Liquid Oral Chelation is the most efficient and effective way to clear clogged arteries and blood vessels from years of plaque accumulation. The process is enhanced by the use of EDTA, known chemically as ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. See the latest chelation therapy research studies.

"I started using Angioprim on the 8th January 2006, Within a couple of days the pain I had for a long while in my left arm has gone and my energy levels have picked up. The discomfort of Tightness and ache in the chest has improved after 10 days and i am feeling better in myself and walking is easier than it has been for a long time."

GARRY NICHOLLS, Melbourne, Australia. 

EDTA is a basic amino acid which has great similarities to normal household vinegar. It was first isolated and produced in Germany in the 1930s.

Comprehensive medical analysis has clearly proved that EDTA is so safe for human beings that even babies can take it. The American Heart Association (AHA) has advised that people who have received extended exposure to heavy metals, such as cadmium, mercury, lead and aluminum, should receive very large doses of EDTA by intravenous injection. Over two hundred thousand American children have received chelation treatment for heavy metal poisoning.

The FDA and the USDA have both given their approval for the use of EDTA in foodstuffs used by all ages.

Oral Chelation and Cardiovascular Disease

For many artery bypass coronary surgery could become a thing of the past. There is a much better way. Bypass surgery clears the blockage, but only in the arteries that are bypassed. What about every other blood vessel in the body? Why should they remain clogged with plaque? An artery coronary disease symptom could be anything from a pain in the chest to shortness of breath, but it is never too late to start oral chelation treatment.

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Get Rid of The Plaque - Try Liquid Oral EDTA Today

I was amused by a search on Google which read - artery atherosclerosis beat I unclog - but the truth is that this is now possible with the advent of  EDTA in a form that is so readily and easily assimilated. We can now  beat an artery blockage symptom before it occurs, and even after it occurs. Read more about how your arteries can be unclogged painlessly and very efficiently. You might consider a body detox too.

Help With Heart Disease and Artery Problems

The Real Cost of a Heart Attack 

Your first heart attack cost, most likely will be, general ambulance service. Figure on at least $800-$1500 or more depending on your location.

Your second heart attack cost will be ambulance medical support, figure on an additional $100+.

Your third heart attack cost will be emergency room general services at your local hospital. Figure on at least $750, then professional fees for emergency room, another $250 or so. Then tack on miscellaneous supplies, $500 for laboratory tests, about $300 for EKG, plus X-ray drugs etc - for a grand total so far of about $2500 for your emergency room visit.

Your fourth major heart attack cost will most likely be your stay in the ICU of your local hospital, until they figure out what to do with you. Figure on a day at a cost of about $850.

Now that you have the basic heart attack cost out of the way, unless you live within reach of a major medical facility with a heart specialist on staff, you are going to get a ride in a plane or helicopter. Figure on an additional $5000-$6000 for this opportunity.

Now we are getting to the real meat of our heart attack cost. You have already spent about $10,000 or so getting to this point. The next heart attack cost will make that seem like pocket change!

You can figure on about $22,000-$25,000 for your stay in the heart medical center, while they discover your heart problem and try to repair your heart damage. And this does not include the surgeons cost, which can add additional thousands to your overall heart attack cost. So now your heart attack cost is over $40,000. If everything goes well and your heart problem can be corrected by Coronary Angioplasty, you are left with one remaining heart attack cost, the chemical or treadmill stress test. This could add as much as $5,000 more to your already growing bill.

Your minimum heart attack cost for this overall experience will be about $45,000-$50,000! If the Coronary Angioplasty procedure cannot repair your damage and open heart surgery is needed, your heart attack cost could more than double.

By choosing foods with lower fat and cholesterol
content, quitting smoking... if you do smoke, keeping your blood pressure under control, and exercising regularly, you may avoid this dangerous and costly experience... and eliminate heart attack cost for good. The Medifast Diet is a good place to start.

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Whatever your present difficulty it is sensible to consider a complete and painless scouring or your blood vessels using oral chelation



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"Some nine years ago I had angioplasty and a stint put in. After a few years I began to get the same symptoms returning and after a stress test it was determined that I had further narrowing in my arteries.

I found Angioprim and decided to take the treatment. "AMAZING" After about 48 hours I began to get relief. After a week my symptoms were gone. I have taken Angioprim for 4 years now and I feel the best that I have felt in 35 years. This product is a true miracle.

I have also recomended it to many of my friends and if taken as instructed they have also experienced simular results."

Allan Ohm - Kelowna, BC, Canada





"I have had increased angina pain for the last year. I decided to try Angioprim, and in three days my pain was completely gone, and has remained gone now for six months. I also feel I have more energy. I gave it to an older family member and he is thinking much clearer for his age. It is one of the few things I have ever taken that actualy worked."

Ben Zavorka - Cheyenne, WY


"Angioprin has given me my life back. I thought I was going to have a heart attack at any moment untill I started taking Angioprin. Now I feel young again without the chest pain and I did it without surgery or drugs. Thanks Angioprim."

Bruce Shaver - Sequim WA


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